Dirk Meinzer, Stefan Panhans, Andrea Winkler
Über die Ästhetisierung von Kultobjekten, Hexereiwesen, Warenfetischismus und Klimbim.

Videovorführung mit Lesung im Metropolis Kino
am 22. Januar 2016 um 21.15 

Mit Filmen und Texten von Christian Jankowski, Bronislaw Malinowski, Dirk Meinzer, Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau, Luigi di Gianni, Stefan Panhans, Margarete Riemschneider und Andrea Winkler. (Es lesen Lisa Marie Janke und Jörg Pohl.)

»Papa Wata II«, 2012 (Dirk Meinzer), »I guess I need you baby«, 2015 (Andrea Winkler), »The best ones make you feel as fearless as Beyoncé« 2015 (Stefan Panhans), »Augengott und Heilige Hochzeit« 1953 (Margarete Riemschneider, Lesung), »Die Jagd« 1992/1998 (Christian Jankowski), »Nur Himmel und Dreck« Ausschnitte 1961 (Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau), »Ein Tagebuch im strikten Sinn des Wortes« (Bronislaw Malinowski, Lesung), »Il Culto delle pietre« 1967 (Luigi di Gianni), »Mami Wata I« 2005 plus Lesung (Dirk Meinzer).


Considering the aestheticization of cult objects, witchcraft, commodity fetishism and junk.

An exhibition with a diverse range of objects, including security labels, sneakers and the tears of manatees.
Opening: Friday, December 11, 2015, 7 p.m.
Run time: Saturday, December 12 to January 23, 2016

A used fire blanket becomes a screen, cut-up camping mats and rubber flip flops are turned into the floats of a fishing net. Fattening food for bodybuilders is kneaded into salt dough and shaped into marbled climbing grips. The shimmering texture of a carbon-fiber mat (used to cover a motorcycle helmet) forms a special alliance with black snakeskin, while a stretched-out universe has been dumped below the cabinet that these two objects are displayed in. This exhibition is deliberately reminiscent of the ignorant chaos of a flea market, and also – again intentionally – a parody of those dreadful esoteric promises of happiness that of course only take effect once people with superstitious natures buy them.