Stefan Panhans

The Long Goodbye


Opening 7th June, 2013 at 5pm
Exhibition 8th June ? 13th July, 2013


videoinstallation in public space
The Long Goodbye (Pre-Afterwork-Ok-Clubset) Casino
1. July ? 30. October 2013
(Hauptbahnhof U-Bahn Ausgang Steindamm)

Stefan Panhans? exhibition is also the setting for his new video work.
The gallery space will form both backdrop and production site of a development process that visitors at the opening will be able to see in a specific state.
An installation whose potential will come to promise that something is going to happen here which isn?t yet known.
Speculations are welcome, but only this much can be revealed: The video that?s to be filmed here will form part of a work in public space (location and time of the video presentation to be announced).

We look forward to your visit to the ?Possible Videoset?, now a physical space (?Items for Possible Videosets? is the title of an open photo series by Stefan Panhans.)

This is the final exhibition in the spaces in St. Pauli. Exhibitions will continue in the city center in September.
(English Translation: Matthew Way)

Eva Charlotte, Daniel Flieger, Martin Freiling, Lisa Marie Janke, Silja von Kriegstein, Corinna Kropiunig, Swanhild Kruckelmann, Aendi Kudszus, Neele Maak, Carlos Martinez Paz, Sophie von Redecker, Michael Schnizler, Lilly Thalgott (Camera), Andrea Winkler, Eike Zuleeg (Light)



?Items For Possible Videosets? since 2009 (Work in Progress)
Light Jet Prints, 30 x 45 – 60 x 90 cm

Stefan Panhans
Born in Hattingen 1967
Studied communication design at the
Merz Akademie, Stuttgart and fine arts at HfBK, Hamburg
lives and works in Hamburg, Berlin and elsewhere