Paul Sochacki

Le Monde diplomatique
Paul Sochacki
with special guest Elke Marhöfer

Opening: Friday, 22 March 2013, 5 pm
(Performance “Dongs of Sevotion”
with Alice Peragine und Fion Pellacini, 7p.m.)
Running time: Saturday, 23 March – 13 April 2013

Two years ago Paul Sochacki insisted that he would put on exhibitions with more than 40 female artists. His exhibition plans are now pursuing a different path. Another plan was to translate the “Formal Abstraction of the Body” advertising campaign into reality, whereby a customer of Paul Sochacki would receive a document to certify that the gallery owner had had sex with the customer – something that the owners of the Dorothea Schlueter Gallery were not overly enthused about. You’ll have noticed that the industry is full of these tricky situations.
Sochacki got to know Elke Marhöfer at a feminist football haunt. She was a striker unrivalled amongst her peers, and impressed Sochacki with her discreet cinematic eye for the “Share of the Shareless”.

We’re delighted that Elke Marhöfer will be screening her films and Paul Sochacki will be bringing his menagerie with him, i.e. giraffes and elephants on canvas.

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Dong of Sevotions from dorothea schlueter, galerie on Vimeo.