Alexander Hoepfner

Eye Test and Invitation to an Exhibition by Alexander Hoepfner Opening: Friday, February 6, 2015, 7 p.m. Running time: February 7 until March 21, 2015


Warning! This eye test can only reveal a tendency. You can neither achieve complete sensory certainty by sitting in front of a computer, nor with a postal invitation – to do so, you have to come to the gallery! Pin this invitation to a well-lit wall at eye-level. Stand two meters away from it. If you’re into stencils, microcultures, diggings in one’s own picture, and short and long sprayed lines that are subsequently crowded by two pudding-like surfaces on a different picture, if you enjoy looking at paintings whose appearances switch from the cracked surface of the moon to a thermal camera photo, if you’re familiar with the idea of veiling your own cognition, upsetting the legibility that you were initially hoping to achieve and briefly thinking up paradoxes that you have to endure as a result, then this exhibition is definitely for you. You should seek help if necessary.