Verena Issel

“Trophy Delight“ by Verena Issel.

Opening: Thursday, 20th February, 2014, 6 pm
Running time: 21st February until 29th March, 2014

– What’s his talk?
– He ain’t made wordstuff.
– It’s a long track. Maybe he’s burned out.
– Maybe. Maybe he’s just listening… Walker? Hello?
– Maybe he’s talking but we ain’t hearing.
– You see his lips ain’t moving.
– Not with wordstuff, with sonic.
– That ain’t never gonna work. Sonic-bonic bullshit.
– This is Delta Fox X-Ray, can you hear me? Delta Fox X-Ray, come in. Is anybody out there? Can you read me, Walker?
(later, photos are shown)
– ‘Member this?
– Tomorrow-morrow Land! (probably New York)
– ‘Member this?
– The River of Lights! (a motorway)
– ‘Member this?
– Skycraft!
– ‘Member this?
– Captain Walker!
– ‘Member this?
– Mrs Walker!

(Mad Max II)

Photos: Fred Dott